Bailey Infi 90

ABB Bailey Infi 90 series offers Bridge controllers, BRC, DCS, Network and Rack Modules HAC Harmony-INFI.

Bailey Net 90

ABB Bailey Net 90 DCS series offers Analog Master Modules, Computer Interfaces and Digital Control input output Stations.

Advant OCS

ABB Advant OCS DCS series offers Configurable Digital Controller, KT Control Unit and Communication Processor Panel.

Advant 800xA

ABB Advant 800xA DCS series offers Thermocouple Inputs, Fieldbus Module, Profibus DP and Termination Unit.


ABB Contronic DCS series offers Modules Hartmann and Braun (H&B) for automation, Industrial Electronics and Engineering Services.


ABB Procontic DCS series offers Analog Output Modules DCS, Decentral I/O Coupler, Communication Module and Configuration Unit.


ABB Procontrol series offers P13 DCS, Analog Output Module, Motor Control Input Output Modules and Intra-Plant Bus Access.


ABB Taylor MOD DCS series offers 30 Controllers, Standard Termination Panel, Portable Memory Modules and Configurators.


ABB Master DCS series offers Analog Input Boards, Communications Module Boards and Remote Input Output Controllers.


ABB Drives include Power Interface Circuit Boards, Frequency Converters and Drive ACs for Speed Control 


ABB Robotics DCS series offers Backplane Connectors, Analog Input Output Modules, Converter Boards and Robot Computers.

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