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ABB OTHER offers select ABB Low Voltage products and other fans, circuit interfaces, expansion relays and such that are components of a comprehensive ABB drive or automation solution.

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ABB Other Description Stock Level
1SAP220700R0001ABB Low Voltage Communication Interface (1SAP220700R0001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SAP245200R0001ABB Low Voltage DX522 Digital Input Output Module (1SAP245200R0001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SAP284000R0001ABB Low Voltage Digital Input Module (1SAP284000R0001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SAP284100R0001ABB Low Voltage DX581-S Safety Digital Input Output Modules (1SAP284100R0001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SBL137001R1310ABB Low Voltage AF09-30-10-13 Contactor (1SBL137001R1310)Available, Can Ship Today
2TLA010027R0100ABB Low Voltage JOKAB JSR2A Expansion Relay (2TLA010027R0100)Available, Can Ship Today
64610805ABB Low Voltage Pulse Encoder Interface (64610805)Available, Can Ship Today
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