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ABB OTHER offers select ABB Low Voltage products and other fans, circuit interfaces, expansion relays and such that are components of a comprehensive ABB drive or automation solution.

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1SAP170200R0001ABB Low Voltage CM572-DP Communication Module (1SAP170200R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SAP173200R0001ABB AC500 Communication Module (1SAP173200R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SAP212000R0001ABB Low Voltage TU516 Input Output Terminal Unit (1SAP212000R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SAP214000R0001ABB Low Voltge TU508-ETH Bus Terminal Unit (1SAP214000R0001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SAP217000R0001ABB Low Voltage TU532 Terminal Unit (1SAP217000R0001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SAP220700R0001ABB Low Voltage CI502-PN Communication Interface (1SAP220700R0001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SAP240100R0001ABB Low Voltage DC532 Digital Input Output Module (1SAP240100R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SAP240500R0001ABB Low Voltage DC523 Digital Input Output Module (1SAP240500R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SAP245200R0001ABB Low Voltage DX522 Digital Input Output Module (1SAP245200R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SAP250100R0001ABB Low Voltage AX521 Analog Input Output Module (1SAP250100R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SAP284100R0001ABB Low Voltage DX581-S Safety Digital Input Output Modules (1SAP284100R0001)Call, Low Supply
1SBL137001R1310ABB Low Voltage AF09-30-10-13 Contactor (1SBL137001R1310)Available, Can Ship Today
2TLA010026R0000ABB Low Voltage RT6 24DC SAFETY RELAY (2TLA010026R0000)Available, Can Ship Today
2TLA010027R0100ABB Low Voltage JOKAB JSR2A Expansion Relay (2TLA010027R0100)Available, Can Ship Today
2TLA010030R0000ABB Low Voltage E1T 0s 24DC Safety Expansion Relay (2TLA010030R0000)Call, Low Supply
2TLA020071R8000ABB Low Voltage GATE-P2 Pluto Gateway PROFIBUS-DP (2TLA020071R8000)Call, Low Supply
3AXD50000006010ABB ZMU-02 Memory Unit - Blank (3AXD50000006010)Call, Low Supply
3BSE017235R1ABB Measurement and Analytics Operator Unit (3BSE017235R1)Call, Low Supply
3BSE091722R1ABB LD 810HSE EX Linking Device (3BSE091722R1)Call, Low Supply
64410512ABB Capacitor B43586-S9418-Q1 (64410512)Call, Low Supply
64610805ABB Low Voltage Pulse Encoder Interface (64610805)Call, Low Supply
68257867ABB AINT-02C SP Kit Main Interface (68257867)Call, Low Supply
6ED1055-1FB00-0BA1Siemens Simatic S7 LOGO! Expansion Module (6ED1055-1FB00-0BA1)Available, Can Ship Today
FEN-01ABB Drives TTL Encoder Interface (FEN-01)In Stock, Ships Today
FEN-31ABB Other HTL Encoder Interface (FEN-31) Alt# 68978955Call, Low Supply
FENA-21ABB Other Ethernet Adapter (FENA-21) Alt# 3AUA0000089109Call, Low Supply
N31E-84ABB Low Voltage 1SBH141001R8431 Contactor Relay (N31E-84)Call, Low Supply
OT800U03ABB Low Voltage Switch Disconnector (OT800U030)Available, Can Ship Today
PFEA113-20ABB Tension Electronics (PFEA113-20) Alt# 3BSE050092R20Call, Low Supply
S2P100W016G1ABB BSM Servo Motor (S2P100W016G1)Available, Can Ship Today
STT04ABB HART Hand-Held Configurator Device (Smart Transmitter Terminal)Call, Low Supply
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