Emerson DeltaV DCS series offers System Power Supplies, Remote Interface Units and Input Output Modules.

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DeltaV Description Stock Level
KJ1501X1-BA2Emerson DeltaV System Power Supply (KJ1501X1-BA2) Alt# 12P0677X and VE5001In Stock, Ships Today
KJ1501X1-BB1Emerson DeltaV Power Supply (KJ1501X1-BB1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ1501X1-BC1Emerson DeltaV System Power Supply (KJ1501X1-BC1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ1502X1-BB2Emerson DeltaV System Power Supply (KJ1502X1-BB2)Call, Low Supply
KJ2001X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Controller M2 (KJ2001X1-BA1) Alt# 12P0676XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ2002X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Controller M3 (KJ2002X1-BA1) Alt# VE3002 and 12P1442XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ2004X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Remote Interface Unit (KJ2004X1-BA1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ2101X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Provox Input Output Interface Card (KJ2101X1-BA1) Alt# 12P2690XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ2201X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Logic Solver (KJ2201X1-BA1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3001X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Input Module (KJ3001X1-BA1) Alt# 12P0549X and VE4001S2T1In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3001X1-BB1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Input Card (KJ3001X1-BB1) Alt# 12P0550XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ3001X1-BD1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Input Card (KJ3001X1-BD1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3001X1-BG1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Output Card (KJ3001X1-BG1) Alt# 12P0557XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ3001X1-BH1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Output Module - Isolated (KJ3001X1-BH1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3001X1-BK1Emerson DeltaV Output Module (KJ3001X1-BK1) Alt# 12P0556XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ3002X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Analog Input Module (KJ3002X1-BA1) Alt # 12P0680XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ3002X1-BB1Emerson DeltaV Analog Output (KJ3002X1-BB1) Alt# 12P0683XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ3002X1-BC1Emerson DeltaV Analog Input Card (KJ3002X1-BC1) Alt# 12P0681X and VE4003S1B2In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3002X1-BD1Emerson DeltaV Analog Input Card (KJ3002X1-BD1) Alt# 12P1033XCall, Low Supply
KJ3002X1-BE1Emerson DeltaV Analog Output (KJ3002X1-BE1) Alt# 12P0682XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ3003X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Serial Interface Card (KJ3003X1-BA1) Alt# 12P0914XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ3003X1-EA1Emerson DeltaV Interface Terminal Block (KJ3003X1-EA1) Alt# 12P0921X0In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3004X1-EA1Emerson DeltaV Terminal Block (KJ3004X1-EA1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3005X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Actuator Sensor (KJ3005X1-BA1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ3006X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Multifunction Input Output Card (KJ3006X1-BA1) Alt# 12P2180XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ3007X1-EA1Emerson DeltaV Terminal Block (KJ3007X1-EA1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ3009X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV DeviceNet Card (KJ3009X1-BA1) Alt# 12P2514XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ3101X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Output Card (KJ3101X1-BA1) Alt# 12P1865XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ3203X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Input Card (KJ3203X1-BA1) Alt# 12P3275XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ3204X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Output Card (KJ3204X1-BA1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ3207X1-BB1Emerson DeltaV Discrete Input Card (KJ3207X1-BB1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ3222X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Analog Input Card (KJ3222X1-BA1) Alt# 12P2532XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ3223X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV Analog Input Card, 16-CH, 4-20mA, HART, Series 2 (KJ3223X1-BA1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ3241X1-BK1Emerson DeltaV Serial Interface Card (KJ3241X1-BK1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ3242X1-EA1Emerson DeltaV H1 Terminal Block (KJ3242X1EA1) Alt# 12P2574X032Available, Can Ship Today
KJ3243X1-BB1Emerson DeltaV Profibus DP Series 2 Plus (KJ3243X1-BB1) Alt# 12P3994XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ3244X1-BA1Emerson DeltaV DeviceNet Card (KJ3244X1-BA1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-BA3Emerson DeltaV 2 Wide Carrier (KJ4001X1-BA3 Alt# 12P3378XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-BE1Emerson DeltaV 8 Wide Carrier (KJ4001X1-BE1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ4001X1-CA1Emerson DeltaV Input Output Terminal Block (KJ4001X1-CA1) Alt# 12P0623XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-CB1Emerson DeltaV Fused Input Output Terminal Block (KJ4001X1-CB1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-CC1Emerson DeltaV Terminal Block (KJ4001X1-CC1) Alt# 12P0733X0In Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-CE1Emerson Delta V Mass Terminal Block 16 Pin (KJ4001X1-CE1)Available, Can Ship Today
KJ4001X1-CG1Emerson DeltaV Terminal Block (KJ4001X1-CG1) Alt# 12P1812XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-CH1Emerson DeltaV RTD Terminal Block (KJ4001X1-CH1) Alt# 12P1811XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-CJ1Emerson DeltaV Terminal Block (KJ4001X1-CJ1) Alt# 12P1902XIn Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-HB1Emerson DeltaV Extender - Right Hand (KJ4001X1-HB1) Alt# 12P0830XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ4001X1-HC1Emerson DeltaV Extender - Left Hand (KJ4001X1-HC1) Alt# 12P0831XAvailable, Can Ship Today
KJ4001X1-NA1Emerson DeltaV Cable Extender - Right Hand (KJ4001X1-NA1)In Stock, Ships Today
KJ4001X1-NB1Emerson DeltaV Cable Extender - Left Hand (KJ4001X1-NB1) Alt# 12P3368XAvailable, Can Ship Today
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