Emerson Rosemount DCS series offers AC Distribution Panels and Comm Connector Terminals.

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Rosemount Description Stock Level
01984-0303-0001Emerson Rosemount AC Distribution Panel (01984-0303-0001)In Stock, Ships Today
01984-0474-0010Emerson Rosemount Peerway Twinax Cable (01984-0474-0010)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0484-0001Emerson Rosemount Peerway Mount (01984-0484-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0488-0001Emerson Rosemount Peerway Tap A (01984-0488-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0489-0001Emerson Rosemount Peerway Tap B (01984-0489-0001)Call, Low Supply
01984-0494-0005Emerson Rosemount Cable (BNC set) (01984-0494-0005)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0498-0005Emerson Rosemount Flexterm Cable (01984-0498-0005)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0498-0010Emerson Rosemount Flexterm Cable (01984-0498-0010)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0498-50Emerson Rosemount 50ft Cable (01984-0498-50)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0605-0001Emerson Rosemount Power Supply Module (01984-0605-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0607-0004Emerson Rosemount Comm Connector Terminals (01984-0607-0004)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0607-0007Emerson Rosemount Comm Connector Terminals (01984-0607-0007)Call, Low Supply
01984-0607-0009Emerson Rosemount Comm Connector Terminals (01984-0607-0009)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0611-0015Emerson Rosemount Cable (01984-0611-0015)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0620-0001Emerson Rosemount Card Rack (01984-0620-0001)Call, Low Supply
01984-0628-0001Emerson Rosemount Multi-Plexor Processor (01984-0628-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0660-0001Emerson Rosemount Supervisory Computer Interface Rack (01984-0660-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0691-0010Emerson Rosemount Cable (BNC set) (01984-0691-0010)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0744-0005Emerson Rosemount Alarm Output Board (01984-0744-0005)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-0760-0001Emerson Rosemount Interface Box (01984-0760-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1002-0001Emerson Rosemount Video Generator Board (01984-1002-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1011-0003Emerson Rosemount Mini-Console Printer Interface (01984-1011-0003)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1045-0003Emerson Rosemount OI Peerway Interface (01984-1045-0003)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1045-0007Emerson Rosemount MC Peerway Module (01984-1045-0007)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1064-0001Emerson Rosemount OI Color Video Card (01984-1064-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1137-0001Emerson Rosemount OI Power Supply (01984-1137-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1140-0001Emerson Rosemount OI SCSI Host Adapter (01984-1140-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1140-0004Emerson Rosemount OI SCSI Host Adaptor (01984-1140-0004)Call, Low Supply
01984-1144-0001Emerson Rosemount DC Distributor (01984-1144-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1147-0001Emerson Rosemount Bubble Memory Board (01984-1147-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1161-0009Emerson Rosemount OI Processor Module (01984-1161-0009)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1175-0001Emerson Rosemount Flexterm Motherboard (01984-1175-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1176-0001Emerson Rosemount Multi-Strategy Motherboard (01984-1176-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1237-0001Emerson Rosemount Control Flexterm Motherboard (01984-1237-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1259-20Emerson Rosemount Ribbon Cable (01984-1259-20)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1264-0001Emerson Rosemount DC Output Card (01984-1264-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1288-0001Emerson Rosemount Contact Field Termination Board (01984-1288-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1307-0001Emerson Rosemount Control File Motherboard (01984-1307-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1321-0001Emerson Rosemount Fuse Module (01984-1321-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1325-0001Emerson Rosemount Isolated Input (01984-1325-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1336-0001Emerson Rosemount Control File Rack (01984-1336-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1432-0001REmerson Rosemount Power Regulator (01984-1432-0001R)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1436-0001Emerson Rosemount Control System Rack (01984-1436-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1439-0005Emerson Rosemount Multi-loop Processor (01984-1439-0005)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1445-0005Emerson Rosemount Contact Processor (01984-1445-0005)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1448-0002Emerson Rosemount Coordinator Processor 1 (01984-1448-0002)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1460-0003Emerson Rosemount Contact Input Output (01984-1460-0003)In Stock, Ships Today
01984-1463-0001Emerson Rosemount FIC Non-Isolated Input Module (01984-1463-0001)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1480-9120Emerson Rosemount Ribbon Cable (01984-1480-9120)Available, Can Ship Today
01984-1480-9180Emerson Rosemount Ribbon Cable (01984-1480-9180)Available, Can Ship Today
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