Honeywell FSC series offers Vertical Bus Drivers, Run Stop Key Selectors, Communication Modules, Diagnostic and Battery Modules.

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FSC Description Stock Level
10001R1Honeywell FSC Vertical Bus Driver - Relay (10001/R/1)Available, Can Ship Today
1000212Honeywell FSC Run Stop Key Selector (10002/1/2) Alt# 24101Available, Can Ship Today
1000411Honeywell FSC Communication Module (10004/1/1) Alt# 27301Available, Can Ship Today
10004HFHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10004/H/F) Alt# 00702Available, Can Ship Today
10004IFHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10004/I/F) Alt# 05502Available, Can Ship Today
1000511Honeywell FSC Watch Dog Module (10005/1/1) Alt# 01301Available, Can Ship Today
1000621Honeywell FSC Diagnostic and Battery Module with RTC (10006/2/1) Alt# 08803 and 008804Available, Can Ship Today
100082UHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10008/2/U) Alt#Call, Low Supply
1001212Honeywell FSC Central Processing Unit with Flash Memory (10012/1/2) Alt# 18300Available, Can Ship Today
10014IFHoneywell FSC Dual Port Module (10014/I/F) Alt# 20900Call, Low Supply
10014IIHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10024/I/F) Alt: 21000Available, Can Ship Today
100182UHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10018/2/U)Available, Can Ship Today
10018E1Honeywell FSC Communication Module (10018E1)Available, Can Ship Today
10018EEHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10018/E/E) Alt# 22602Available, Can Ship Today
1002012Honeywell FSC Central Processing Unit (10020/1/2) Alt# 29101Available, Can Ship Today
10024HIHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10024/H/I) Alt: 26901Available, Can Ship Today
10024IFHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10024/I/F) Alt: 27101Available, Can Ship Today
10024IIHoneywell FSC Communication Module (10024/I/I) Alt# 3400307Call, Low Supply
1010021Honeywell FSC Bus Driver Module (10100/2/1) Alt# 10900Available, Can Ship Today
1010121Honeywell FSC Digital Input Module (10101/2/1) Alt# 11000Available, Can Ship Today
1010123Honeywell FSC Digital Input Module (10101/2/3) Alt# 11200Available, Can Ship Today
1010521Honeywell FSC Analog Input Module (10105/2/1) Alt# 16900Available, Can Ship Today
1020121Honeywell FSC Digital Output Module (10201/2/1) Alt# 11501Available, Can Ship Today
1020121 11502Honeywell FSC Digital Output Module (10201/2/1 11502) Alt# 11502Available, Can Ship Today
1020921Honeywell FSC Digital Output Module (10209/2/1) Alt# 11900Available, Can Ship Today
1021323Honeywell FSC Digital Output Module (10213/2/3) Alt# 12200Available, Can Ship Today
1021621Honeywell FSC Digital Output Module (10216/2/1) Alt# 12400Available, Can Ship Today
1030011Honeywell FSC Power Supply (10300/1/1) Alt# 04604Call, Low Supply
1030221Honeywell FSC Watchdog Repeater Module (10302/2/1) Alt# 12600Available, Can Ship Today
1030311Honeywell FSC Power Supply (10303/1/1) Alt# 03501Available, Can Ship Today
1031121Honeywell FSC Control Rest Module (10311/2/1) Alt# 13500Available, Can Ship Today
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